2012 International Symposium on Antennas and Propagation (ISAP2012)

number title/author
POS1-1A Compact Monopole Antenna for WWAN/LTE Applications
Wen-Shan Chen,
POS1-10A Horizontally Polarized Omni-directional Antenna
Takayuki Shimizu, Takeda Shigeki, Kenichi Kagoshima,
POS1-11A Half-loop Antenna with Dual Band-notched Characteristics Using Three Parallel Line Elements
Kenichiro Imai, Masanobu Suzuki, Manabu Sawada,
POS1-12Ka-band Beam Switchable Fresnel Reflector
Akiko Kohmura,
POS1-14Meander Patch Effect on a Simple Printed Dipole Antenna
Pei Cheng Ooi,
POS1-15Design of Modified Dual Mode Horn Antenna to Improve E/H-plane Radiation Pattern Symmetry
Jae Sik Kim,
POS1-16Reflectarray Element for Beam Scanning with Polarization Flexibility
Eduardo Carrasco,
POS1-17Design X-circular Polarized with Slanted Rectangular Slot by Using Single Port
Mohamad Zoinol Abidin Abd Aziz,
POS1-18L-probe Fed Stacked Rectangular Microstrip Antenna combined with Ring Antenna for Triple Band (GPS/VICS/ETC) Operation in ITS
Daisuke Tanaka, Takafumi Fujimoto, Takashi Takenaka,
POS1-19Super Wide Band Wearable Antenna: Assessment of the Conformal Characteristics in terms of Impedance Matching and Radiation Properties
Shaad Mahmud,
POS1-2Design of Compact and Low Mutual-coupling Quasi-Yagi Antenna Using Stepped-width Resonator
Wen-Hua Tu,
POS1-20Current Distributions and Radiation Characteristics of a Bent Unbalanced Dipole Antenna with Semicircular and Trapezoidal Elements for Ultra Wideband Radio
Yusuke Akiyama, Fukuro Koshiji, Kohji Koshiji,
POS1-22Planar Arc-shaped Monopole Antenna with Broadband Operation for UWB System
Jui-Han Lu,
POS1-23Application of Single Point Feeded Wide Band Circularly Polarized Coplanar Antenna
Kanya Hirabayashi,
POS1-24Dual Band Coupled-fed MIMO antennas for WLAN Application
Wen-Hsiu Hsu,
POS1-25Compact Metamaterial-inspired Broadband Monopole Antenna for WLAN/WiMAX Applications
Hsin-Lung Su,
POS1-26Mean Effective Gain Calculation in Realistic Environments based on Ray-tracing
Hyung-ju Kim,
POS1-27Identification of the Scale-free Interval in HF Radar Sea Clutter Correlation Dimension Calculation
Chunlei Yi,
POS1-28Verification of the Sea Surface Radar Models from Collocated Radar Observations and Stereo-photo Imaging
Yury Yurovsky,
POS1-29Software Analysis of RF Interference Effect on the GPS Receiver
Ji-Hoon Park,
POS1-3TE-monopole Radiation Pattern DRA for UAVs
Derek Gray,
POS1-30Modified HHT Analysis of Micro-Doppler Signatures Scattered from Rotating Flat Blades
Ji-Hoon Park,
POS1-31Correction of Platform Motion Effects in Airborne Downward-looking Thinned Array 3D SAR
Wen Hong,
POS1-32Radar Imaging by Using GTD Near-field Model and Antenna Array-factor
Hirokazu Kobayashi, Mao Inami, Sang-Eun Park, Yoshio Yamaguchi, Gulab Singh, Yi Cui,
POS1-33Time Series SAR Polarimetric Analysis of Rice Crop Based on Four-component Scattering Decomposition
Tzu-Yu Cheng,
POS1-34Fundamental Study on Resolution Enhancement of Three-dimensional Imaging in SAR Tomography
Toshihiro Yamada, Hiroyoshi Yamada, Yoshio Yamaguchi,
POS1-35Fully Isotropic Singularity-spreading Phase Unwrapping
Gen Oshiyama, Akira Hirose,
POS1-36Propagation Measurements in a Wide Range of Elevation Angles Using a Remote-controlled Airship
Milan Kvicera,
POS1-37Electromagnetic Power Transmission through Two Circular Apertures in Parallel Conducting Planes Penetrated by a Long Cylinder
Young Seung Lee,
POS1-38Three-dimensional FDTD Analysis of Radio Wave Propagation at Intersection Surrounded by Compound Walls in Residential Area for Inter-vehicle Communications Using 720MHz band
Kenji Taguchi, Ryosuke Aoyama, Suguru Imai, Tatsuya Kashiwa,
POS1-39Analysis of Multipath Propagation Characteristics for Digital Terrestrial Broadcasting in UHF Band on Urban Street Using Ray Tracing Method
Suguru Imai, Kenji Taguchi, Tatsuya Kashiwa, Hiroshi Kuribayashi,
POS1-4Placement of Broad Beam Beacon Antennas within Wing of HALE UAV
Derek Gray,
POS1-40Transmission Characteristics of a Thin Metal Film Sandwiched between Dielectric Gratings
Yuu Wakabayashi, Takato Fukui, Junji Yamauchi, Hisamatsu Nakano,
POS1-41The Convergence Property of the Method of Moment for Dipole Antenna Using New Segmentation.
Saki Arahata, Toru Uno, Takuji Arima,
POS1-42Grating and Plasmon Resonances in the Light Scattering by Finite Silver Nanostrip Grating
Olga V. Shapoval,
POS1-43Research of the Indoor Reflection Wave Control with Phase Control Wall
Ryokei Kitta, Yoshinobu Okano,
POS1-44Multilayer Rotman Lens Fed Antenna Array for System Packaging
Jaeheung Kim,
POS1-45Wearable Multi-band Antenna with Tuning Function for On-body and Off-body Communications
Chia-Hsien Lin, Kazuyuki Saito, Masaharu Takahashi, Koichi Ito,
POS1-46Equivalent Circuit of Intra-body Communication Channels Based on a Lossy Conductor Model
Nozomi Haga, Koichi Ito,
POS1-47Whole-body Averaged SAR Measurements of Postured Phantoms Exposed to E-/H-polarized Plane-wave Using Cylindrical Field Scanning
Yoshifumi Kawamura, Takashi Hikage, Toshio Nojima, Tomoaki Nagaoka, Soichi Watanabe,
POS1-48Evaluation of SAR around an Implanted Cardiac Pacemaker Caused by Mobile Radio Terminal
Yuta Endo, Kazuyuki Saito, Soichi Watanabe, Masaharu Takahashi, Koichi Ito,
POS1-49Construction of a Realistic Calculation Model of a Flip Phone for SAR Evaluations
Kensuke Tanaka, Akihiro Tateno, Kazuyuki Saito, Tomoaki Nagaoka, Masaharu Takahashi, Koichi Ito,
POS1-5Design of a Multiband Antenna with LTE B13 MIMO Characteristic in Mobile Handsets
Seongcheol Lee,
POS1-51Whole-body Averaged SAR Measurements for Small Phantom by Calorimetric Method
Takuya Akiyama, Kanako Wake, Takuji Arima, Soichi Watanabe, Toru Uno,
POS1-52Analysis of Mushroom-like EBG Structure and UC-EBG for SAR Reduction
Nurul Hafizah Mohd Hanafi,
POS1-53Whole Body SAR Measurement Technique by Using Wheeler Cap Method for Human Head Size Phantom
Takuji Arima, Toru Uno,
POS1-54Low Frequency Emission Simulation Using 3D Electromagnetic Solver Based on CISPR25
Chihiro Ueda,
POS1-55The Effective Design Approach of Radar Absorbing Leading Edge Structure of Airfoil
Won-Ho Choi,
POS1-56Pedestrian-to-vehicle Communication Access Method and Field Test Results
Makoto Nagai, Ken Nakaoka, Yoshiharu Doi,
POS1-57A Study on Locations of Electrical Discharge in a Motor
Kenichi Nakayama, Yukari Matsutake, Takahisa Yanagisawa, Shigeki Takeda, Kenichi Kagoshima,
POS1-58Experimental Study for DBF and Channelizer for Satellite/Terrestrial Integrated mobile Communication System
Yoshiyuki Fujino, Hiroyuki Tsuji, Norio Komiyama, Teruaki Orikasa,
POS1-59Study of Indirect Lightning Effects on an Airborne Ultra Shortwave Antenna
Jianqiang Wang,
POS1-6A Switching Order Optimization for an Adaptive Array with a Single Receiver Using Time-division Multiplexing
Ken-ici Koga,
POS1-60Evaluation of Heating Characteristics of Microwave Thermal Therapy Using Biliary Stent Fed by Coaxial Probe
Hiroshi Itakura, Kazuyuki Saito, Masaharu Takahashi, Koichi Ito,
POS1-61Development of the Coagulation Device by Microwave Energy for Biological Tissue.
Mizuki Inoue, Kazuyuki Saito, Masaharu Takahashi, Koichi Ito,
POS1-7Diversity Effect of the Adaptive Antenna Using Blind Algorithm
Sindhuja Patchaikani, Yoshihiko Kuwahara,
POS1-8Development of Human Centric Antenna System for Digital Terrestrial Broadcasting
Yuma Ono, Yoshinobu Okano,
POS1-9Measurement Characteristics of LTE-MIMO Antenna for 4G Mobile Handy Terminal
Chan Jin Park,