2012 International Symposium on Antennas and Propagation (ISAP2012)

number title/author
4E1-1A Single Radiation Element with High-gain and a Tilted-beam
Hisamatsu Nakano, Yosuke Oishi, Junji Yamauchi,
4E1-2Design of Metamaterial Absorber Based on Resonant Magnetic Inclusion
Hongmin Lee,
4E1-3A Compact Metamaterial UWB Power-divider Fed Wide-band Array Antenna
Sungtek Kahng,
4E1-4Achievement of Inverse Frequency-dependent Phase Shift by Using Composite Right/Left-handed Phase Shifter
Naobumi Michishita, Yoshihide Yamada, Keizo Cho,
4E1-5Magnet-less Non-reciprocal Metamaterial and its Applications in Radiative Structures
Toshiro Kodera, Dimitrios L. Sounas,