2012 International Symposium on Antennas and Propagation (ISAP2012)

number title/author
3A3-1Compact Antenna Arrangement for MIMO Sensor in Indoor Environment
Naoki Honma, Kentaro Nishimori, Hiroaki Sato, Yoshitaka Tsunekawa,
3A3-2Compact MIMO Antenna Arrays Using Metamaterial Hybridization Band Gaps
Geoffroy Lerosey,
3A3-3Compact UWB MIMO Antenna for USB Dongles with Angle and Polarization Diversity
Buon Kiong Lau,
3A3-4The Impact of a Matching Circuit of a Handset MIMO Antenna on the Wideband Channel Capacity
Takeshi Kitamura, Kazuhiro Honda, Koichi Ogawa,
3A3-5Increasing the Volume of Test Zones in Anechoic Chamber MIMO Over-the-air Test Set-ups
Wim Kotterman,