International Symposium on Antennas and Propagation ISAP 2009

number title/author
2E1-1Compact Dual-Band PCML-SIR Bandpass Filters with Edge-Capacitive Coupling
Jayaseelan Marimuthu, Mazlina Esa,
2E1-2Tunable Filter Structure ? Analysis and Design
Rafal Lech, Adam Kusiek, Jerzy Mazur1,
2E1-3Tunable resonant circular cavity loaded with a set of cylindrical objects of arbitrary cross-section
Adam Kusiek, Rafal Lech, Jerzy Mazur,
2E1-4Design of Post-wall Feed Waveguide for a Parallel Plate Slot Array by a Solid-wall Model with Improved Equivalent Wall Thickness
Koh Hashimoto, Jiro Hirokawa, Makoto Ando,
2E1-5Feed for Partially-Dielectric-Filled Oversized Rectangular Waveguide
Jiro Hirokawa, Miroslav Samard?ija, Makoto Ando,