International Symposium on Antennas and Propagation ISAP 2009

number title/author
2B4-1A Study of Wearable Loop Antenna for One Segment Broadcasting Reception
Takahiro Suzuki, Hisao Iwasaki, Shio Yamamoto, Eiji Hankui, Toru Taura, Takashi Harada, Akio Kuramoto,
2B4-2A Modified Fractal Square Loop Slot Antenna with Capacitive Coupling Fed by CPW
Thanakarn Suangun, Norakamon Wongsin, Chatree mahatt hanajatu phat, Prayoot Akkaraektha lin,
2B4-3A Compact and Wideband Quadrifilar Helical Antenna Designed for RFID Readers
Chi-Fang Huang, Yao-Ting Huang,
2B4-4Triple Loop Antennas with Shifted Gate Arrangement for LF-RFID Systems Optimized by Evolution Strategies
Sarayoot Todnatee, Chuwong Phongcharoenpanich, Danai Torrungrueng,
2B4-5Circuit Theory Analysis of the input impedance in a Tap Feed Small Normal-Mode Helical Antenna
Nguyen Quoc Dinh, Naobumi Michishita, Yoshihide Yamada, Koji Nakatan,
2B4-6Efficient Analysis and Flexible Design of 1D LeakyWave Antennas composed by a Parallel-Plate Waveguide loaded with two Metallodielectric FSS
Jose Luis Gomez-Tornero, Maria Garcia-Vigueras, George Goussetis, Andrew R. Weily, Y. Jay Guo,