International Symposium on Antennas and Propagation ISAP 2009

number title/author
1B2-1Printed Monopole with a Distributed Inductor for Penta-Band WWAN Internal Mobile Phone Antenna
Chih-Hua Chang, Kin-Lu Wong,
1B2-2Internal Dual-Mode Monopole Antenna for Mobile Phone Application
Yung-Tao Liu, Saou-Wen Su,
1B2-3Small and internal UWB chip antenna for mobile handset
Yohan Lim, Young Joong Yoon,
1B2-4Combined PIFA and monopole with rectangular slot and parasitic element for mobile handset
Joong Ho Maeng, Ju Bong Yu, Chan Kyu An, Jun Ho Jeon, Woon Geun Yang,
1B2-5Design of a Hexa-band Antenna for Mobile Devices
Po-Chun Cheng, Chow-Yen-Desmond Sim, Ching-Her Lee,
1B2-6Minimum Q Electrically Small Spherical Magnetic Dipole Antenna ? Practice
Oleksiy S. Kim, Olav Breinbjerg,
1B2-7Accurate Impedance Measurement and Implementation of a Folded Dipole Antenna for RFID Tags
Dongsu Kim, Tae Wan Koo, Jong-In Ryu, Jong-Gwan Yook, Jun Chul Kim,