International Symposium on Antennas and Propagation ISAP 2009

number title/author
1A1-1Realization of a Circularly Polarized Tilted Beam
H. Nakano, N. Aso, Y. Iitsuka, J. Yamauchi,
1A1-2Circularly Polarized Spiral-Grid Array Antenna for Beam Scanning
Y. Iitsuka, J. Yamauchi, H. Nakano,
1A1-3Circularly-Polarized Array Antenna using MSA with Asymmetric T-shaped Slit Loads
S. Kampeephat, P. Krachodnok, M. Uthansakul, R. Wongsan,
1A1-4Design of a Unified Indoor Repeater Antenna with High Isolation Characteristic
Jaegeun Ha, Youngki Lee, Jaehoon Choi,
1A1-5Experimental Evaluation of Linear Array Calibration by using 2-D Virtual Array
Hiroshi SAKAI, Hiroyoshi YAMADA, Yoshio YAMAGUCHI,