The 20th Asia-Pacific Network Operations and Management Symposium

number title/author
TS1-1DTCluster: A CFSFDP Improved Algorithm for RFID Trajectory Clustering Under Digital-twin Driven
Mengnan Cai, Siye Wangpp, Qinxuan Wu, Yijia Jin, Xinling Shen,
TS1-2Bluetooth Mesh Networking: An Enabler of Smart Factory Connectivity and Management
Terence Ching Yang Lam, Sherlyn Yew, Sye Loong Keoh,
TS1-3Artificial Intelligence Based Edge Caching in Vehicular Mobile Networks: Architecture, Opportunities, and Research Issues
Kai-Min Liao, Guan-Yi Chen, Yu-Jia Chen,
TS1-4Artificial Intelligence-based Service Aggregation for Mobile-Agent in Edge Computing
Md. Shirajum Munir, Sarder Fakhrul Abedin, Choong Seon Hong,