The 22nd Asia-Pacific Network Operations and Management Symposium

number title/author
PS2-1An SDN Controller Enabled Architecture for 5G Backhaul Networks
Hao-Ze Fang, Hsing-Chen Chi, Min-Chi Tseng, Yu-Ping Yu,
PS2-10Encrypted Network Traffic Identification Based on 2D-CNN Model
Yan Zhou, Huiling Shi, Yuhan Zhao, Wei Gao, Wei Zhang,
PS2-11Dynamic Network Provisioning with Reinforcement Learning Based on Link Stability
Hong-Nam Quach, Sungwoong Yoem, Kyungbaek Kim,
PS2-12Graph Convolutional Network Based Link State Prediction
Sungwoong Yeom, Chulwoong Choi, Shivani Sanjay Kolekar, Kyungbaek Kim,
PS2-13Machine Learning-Based Cache Optimization on MEC Platform
Waleed Akbar, Afaq Muhammad, Javier Jose Diaz Rivera, Wang-Cheol Song,
PS2-14Applying RouteNet and LSTM to Achieve Network Automation: An Intent-Based Networking Approach
Talha Ahmed Khan, Khizar Abbas, Javier Jose Diaz Rivera, Afaq Muhammad, Wang-Cheol Song,
PS2-15A Flexible P4-Based Pin-Point In-Band Network Monitoring
Toshihiro Sato, Toshio Hirotsu,
PS2-2Study of Contention Window Adjustment for CSMA/CA by Using Machine Learning
Yen-Wen Chen, Kuo-Che Kao,
PS2-3Development of Reference Model for Enterprise Architecture Leveraging TM Forum Assets
Miwaka Ohtani, Shingo Omata, Ken Kanishima,
PS2-4Method of Constructing Petri Net Service Model Using Distributed Trace Data of Microservices
Masaru Sakai, Kensuke Takahashi, Satoshi Kondoh,
PS2-5An API-Based In-Service Surveillance Approach for Enterprise PBX
Chen-Hung Chu, Gong-Da Fan, Yi-Kai Chiang, Chao-Chun Huang, Chung-Shih Tang,
PS2-6Learning for Prediction of Maritime Collision Avoidance Behavior from AIS Network
Po-Ruey Lei, Pei-Rong Yu, Wen-Chih Peng,
PS2-7A Multi-Objective Approach for Optimizing Content Delivery Network System Configuration
Hoang-Loc La, Thanh Le Hai Hoang, Nam Thoai,
PS2-8SPENT+: A Category- and Region-Aware Successive POI Recommendation Model
Hsu-Chao Lai, Yi-Shu Lu, Mu-Fan Wang, Yi-Cheng Chen, Wen-Yueh Shih, Jiun-Long Huang,
PS2-9The Design and Implementation of a Blockchain-Based Logistics Platform for International Trade
Yen-Yu Chen, Hsu-Chao Lai, Jiun-Long Huang, Ming-Jiu Hwang,