The 21st Asia-Pacific Conference on Communications

number title/author
16-PM2-E-1Tweaked Binary Tree Algorithm to Cope with Capture Effect and Detection Error in RFID Systems
Chuyen T. Nguyen, Anh Tuan H. Bui, Vuong V. Mai, Anh T. Pham,
16-PM2-E-2A Feasibility Study of Plug-in Type RF Tag Localization System for Handheld UHF RFID Reader/Writers
Masato Miyazawa, Yuki Igarashi, Jin Mitsugi,
16-PM2-E-3Silent-interval Impedance Matching for Short Pulse CAN to Enhance Scalability
Motoki Mizuma, Daisuke Umehara, Tomohiro Takahashi, Koichiro Wakasugi,
16-PM2-E-4Boxcan: A Platform Realizing Fast Retrieval of Parent-Child Tree of Containers and Inner Objects Over EPCIS Events
Yuki Sato, Taisuke Sato, Jin Mitsugi,