The 14th Asia-Pacific Conference on Communications

number title/author
1569116075MWML-OOC Multimedia Optical CDMA Using SOC
Toshihide Tsukahara, Iwao Sasase,
1569123513Performance Degradation of Spectral Amplitude Encoding Optical Code Division Multiple Access Systems due to Group Velocity Dispersion
Ngoc T. Dang, Anh T. Pham,
1569125617Path-Averaged Peak Power Considering Dispersion Effect
Pasu Kaewplung, Chanida Thovarabha,
1569127076Wavelength and Temporal Dependency of Polarization Mode Dispersion based on 150,000 Continuous Measurements over Buried Field Fiber in Indiana
Youichi Akasaka, Inwoong Kim, Takao Naito, Andrew Lee, Matthew Davy,
1569128545Throughput/Delay Analysis of Spectrally Phase-Encoded Optical CDMA over WDM Networks
K. Puntsri, S. Sittichivapak, H.M.H.Shalaby,