The 14th Asia-Pacific Conference on Communications

number title/author
1569126083Performance Enhancement of GPRS Transmission using Switched Beam Antennas at Mobile Station
P. Sriploy, M. Uthanskul, R. Wongsan,
1569126369Adaptive Array Beam Forming Using a Combined RLS-LMS Algorithm
Jalal Abdulsayed Srar, Kah-Seng Chung,
1569126809Performance and Complexity Comparison of MRC and PASTd-based Statistical Beamforming and Eigencombining
Constantin Siriteanu, Xin Guan, Steven D. Blostein,
1569128929The Waveform Distortion Due to Antennas on Transmission Loss of Ultra Wideband Impulse Radio
Sathaporn Promwong, Jun-ichi Takada,