The 14th Asia-Pacific Conference on Communications

number title/author
1569116067A Stable Clustering Scheme by Prediction of the Staying Time in a Cluster for Mobile Ad Hoc Networks
Yuji Kawai, Iwao Sasase,
1569126461Hop-Count Based Localization Using Geometric Constraints in Wireless Sensor Networks
Sangho Lee, Eunchan Kim, Chungsan Kim, Kiseon Kim,
1569126777A Robust and Energy Efficient Global Gradient Setup Mechanism for Gradient Based Routing in Wireless Sensor Networks
Shah Nawaz Khan, Noor M. Khan, Mushtaq Ahmed,
1569128885A Distributed Localization with Unknown Attenuation Coefficient in Wireless Sensor Networks
Yusuke Nishi, Tomoaki Ohtsuki,