The 14th Asia-Pacific Conference on Communications

number title/author
1569122413Transmission Power Allocation for Broadcast/Multicast Services in Multi-cell OFDM Systems
Hojoong Kwon, Byeong Gi Lee,
1569125967Subcarrier and Power Allocation in Relay-assistant OFDMA Cellular System
Bin Da, C. C. Ko,
1569126097Dynamic Resource Assignment for MC-CDMA with prioritization and QoS constraint
Asako Nakano, Wladimir Bocquet,
1569126647An Efficient Resource-Allocation Scheme Using Subcarrier Sharing in MIMO/OFDM Multi-cell Environment
Woojin Ahn, Youngyong Kim,
1569129137Artificial Intelligent Power Prediction for Efficient Resource Management of WCDMA Mobile Network
Y.K. Tee, S.K Tiong, Johnny Koh S.P, Y. David,