The 14th Asia-Pacific Conference on Communications

number title/author
1569124491A Dynamic Channel Assignment Technique for Wireless Internet-access Mesh Networks
Walaa Hassan, Nobuo Funabiki, Toru Nakanishi,
1569129020Adaptive Network Access Mechanism for Multi-interfaced Terminal over Heterogeneous Wireless Networks
Jong Min Lee, Seung Hyun Jeon, Jun Kyun Choi,
1569129113Efficient Data Reporting for Object Tracking in Wireless Sensor Networks with Mobile Sinks
Shiow-Fen Hwang, Kun-Hsien Lu, Liang-Ren Yang, Chyi-Ren Dow,
1569129153A Novel Multiple Access Protocol for Multihop Mobile Ad Hoc Networks
Kai Liu, Lianzhen Cheng, Hantao Li,
1569129179An Improvement on LEACH Algorithm with a Fuzzy Processor
M. Hamzeh, S. Arab, S. M. Fakhraie, C. Lucas,