The 14th Asia-Pacific Conference on Communications

number title/author
1569114591DS/Chirp Hybrid Industrial UWB System for Ranging and High Reliability Communications
Yasutaka KOIKE, Satoru ISHII, Ryuji KOHNO,
1569115869Performance Evaluation of Received Response Code Sequence DS-UWB System in Comparison with MBOK DS-UWB System
Keat Beng TOH, Shin’ichi TACHIKAWA,
1569116039A Burst Modulation/Demodulation Method for Short-packet Wireless Communication Systems
Takafumi FUJITA, Daisei UCHIDA, Yosuke FUJINO, Osamu Kagami, Kazuji WATANABE,
1569128779Comparison Performance of the DS Chaotic and IR Chaotic UWB systems
Sang-Yub Lee, Wan-Chul Yang, Chang-Soo Yang,
1569128883A Study on Filterings in Non-coherent TOA Estimation in TH-UWB-IR Systems
Toru Sakaguchi, Tomoaki Ohtsuki,