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Vol. 12 No. 2 (2021)      Published on April 1, 2021

Regular Section
117-117 : Invited Review Paper
 Masaharu Adachi
  Invited Review Paper
118-132 : Analysis of particle swarm optimization by dynamical systems theory
 Kenya Jin'no
Special Section on Computation with nonlinear dynamics
133-133 : Special section on computation with nonlinear dynamics
 Hiroyasu Ando, Shinji Nakaoka
  Invited Paper
134-142 : Negotiating the separatrix with machine learning
 Scott T. Miller, John F. Lindner, Anshul Choudhary, Sudeshna Sinha, William L. Ditto
143-156 : Network model of predictive coding based on reservoir computing for multi-modal processing of visual and auditory signals
 Yoshihiro Yonemura, Yuichi Katori
157-174 : Evaluation of user dynamics created by weak ties among divided communities
 Takahiro Kubo, Chisa Takano, Masaki Aida
175-180 : A model of computing with road traffic dynamics
 Hiroyasu Ando, Hanten Chang
181-193 : Decentralized algorithms for consensus-based power packet distribution
 Seongcheol Baek, Hiroyasu Ando, Takashi Hikihara
Regular Section
194-204 : Approximate solutions for localized modes appearing in resonant circuit array with an external shorted coil
 Masayuki Kimura, Yamato Mogi, Shinji Doi
205-224 : Landing dynamics of a seagull examined by field observation and mathematical modeling
 Yuri Eisaki, Isamu Hikosaka, Tohru Kawabe, Ikkyu Aihara
225-235 : Low latency information transfer based on precision time synchronization via wireless interferometry
 Daijiro Koyama, Yunzhuo Wang, Nobuyasu Shiga, Satoshi Yasuda, Nicolas Chauvet, Makoto Naruse

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