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Vol. 11 No. 4 (2020)      Published on October 1, 2020

Special Issue on Recent Progress in Nonlinear Theory and Its Applications
372-372 : Special issue on recent progress in nonlinear theory and its applications
 Nordin Ramli, Hiroyuki Torikai
(MD5 checksum : e479a3081c4b558405cdfb4854b7100b)
  Invited Paper
373-390 : Piecewise linear switched dynamical systems: A review
 Toshimichi Saito
(MD5 checksum : a0a75f8bcfb10b485b75756715d14ce1)
391-408 : Bifurcation analysis by particle swarm optimization
 Haruna Matsushita, Hiroaki Kurokawa, Takuji Kousaka
(MD5 checksum : 1e4f697acb74cfb5b8bbe6d5e23af0d4)
409-421 : aSNAQ: An adaptive stochastic Nesterov's accelerated quasi-Newton method for training RNNs
 Indrapriyadarsini Sendilkkumaar, Shahrzad Mahboubi, Hiroshi Ninomiya, Hideki Asai
(MD5 checksum : 702bec8a9ecf6b4eeefc1c6f820c5253)
422-432 : Network structure detection using convergent cross mapping on multivariate time series
 Kazuya Sawada, Yutaka Shimada, Tohru Ikeguchi
(MD5 checksum : a90e47aa73ff88a1eccf295d3f1e8355)
433-445 : Application of APCMA protocol to power packet networks for multiplexing power packet transmissions
 Chiemi Tanaka, Ferdinand Peper, Mikio Hasegawa
(MD5 checksum : 2ed3f0f9891a447b10b6d89a68329653)
446-453 : An equivalence between log-sum-exp approximation and entropy regularization in K-means clustering
 Kohei Inoue, Kenji Hara
(MD5 checksum : ed61df1920a6dae1a6f2a6d9d3adc56c)
454-465 : Consistent batch normalization for weighted loss in imbalanced-data environment
 Muneki Yasuda, Yeo Xian En, Seishirou Ueno
(MD5 checksum : 3356db0254cd67066a5bff633c1f4c39)
466-479 : Chaotic time series prediction by noisy echo state network
 Aren Shinozaki, Takaya Miyano, Yoshihiko Horio
(MD5 checksum : 8789bffe3cc9d980d0c175e6128d7d5e)
480-500 : Application of deep reinforcement learning to networked control systems with uncertain network delays
 Junya Ikemoto, Toshimitsu Ushio
(MD5 checksum : 849ce869cb1bcbbec6ec2a52c4f30d48)
501-516 : Wave-to-particle representation transformation for single-electrons on graphene
 Nobuyuki Hirami, Ibuki Nakamura, Hisato Fujisaka
(MD5 checksum : 7ce78d9c06f53cd74c6915e6d1ac8374)
517-526 : Visualization and evaluation of the relation between the estimated sleep satisfaction levels using nonlinear multiple regression analysis and autonomic nervous system
 Seung-Il Cho, Minami Tsuchiya, Atsushi Tanaka, Muneki Yasuda, Tomochika Harada, Michio Yokoyama
(MD5 checksum : f5febcac8ab5dae286b5453c53ec8a69)
527-545 : An automated design procedure for class-E amplifier
 Yuichi Tanji, Haruna Matsushita, Hiroo Sekiya
(MD5 checksum : 3f0f04113000124990fd2bf8d1b6f18b)
546-560 : Chaos MIMO system with efficient use of information of bits
 Ryo Yamazaki, Yutaka Shimada, Tohru Ikeguchi
(MD5 checksum : 6282b2f5c29524dca4dbe89cacd0a58d)
561-570 : A method to find periodic solutions in nonautonomous nonlinear circuits using Haar wavelet transform
 Seiichiro Moro, Kohei Takamatsu
(MD5 checksum : 7cf2983d4c154b17f72d68d28693441e)
571-579 : Design of the nonlinear look-up table in the chaotic pseudorandom number generator based on augmented Lorenz map
 Kiyotaka Miyauchi, Yoshihiko Horio, Takaya Miyano, Kenichiro Cho
(MD5 checksum : 9aebb06284d3ef744fcab469c7cb4aa3)
580-589 : A method to suppress local minima for symmetrical DOPO networks
 Seiya Amoh, Daisuke Ito, Tetsushi Ueta
(MD5 checksum : d6004a14bd8915e0c5a0a378f40ae80e)
590-600 : Modular networks of spiking neurons for applications in time-series information processing
 Satoshi Moriya, Hideaki Yamamoto, Ayumi Hirano-Iwata, Shigeru Kubota, Shigeo Sato
(MD5 checksum : a96a89ec8828ce54410e04ab689a2838)
601-609 : Noise reduction and signal enhancement by receptor synchronization
 Seido Nagano
(MD5 checksum : 1429a7b686f95164a2f74f1f4a32d5d1)
610-623 : Estimation of stability region for an interconnected AC/multi-terminal DC grid
 Naoki Kawamoto, Yoshihiko Susuki, Atsushi Ishigame
(MD5 checksum : b9af6f4cca356efc8a0cb341fd4307b7)
624-635 : A design method for a passive reflectionless transmission-line model based on the cochlea through parameter optimization techniques
 Takemori Orima, Yoshihiko Horio
(MD5 checksum : 06c828703e4ef0c6f12299a10cb3d8b9)

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