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Vol. 10 No. 4 (2019)      Published on October 1, 2019

Special Issue on Recent Progress in Nonlinear Theory and Its Applications
303-303 : Special issue on recent progress in nonlinear theory and its applications
 Luis Martinez-Salamero, Seiichiro Moro
(MD5 checksum : 6560b7ae6561d660daab795db6d25c6c)
  Invited Paper
304-321 : Recent advances in the deep CNN neocognitron
 Kunihiko Fukushima
(MD5 checksum : 72790a42520d61412f5b5fb395e8431f)
322-336 : Statistical neurodynamics of deep networks: geometry of signal spaces
 Shun-ichi Amari, Ryo Karakida, Masafumi Oizumi
(MD5 checksum : d478e7a35e780b552838fd30278da361)
337-356 : Delay effects on the limit cycling behavior in resonant inverters with state feedback
 Luis Benadero, Abdelali El Aroudi, Enrique Ponce
(MD5 checksum : 92bdac9af825f7b499dee8c9632e3893)
357-365 : Analysis of cellular automata governed by simple time-variant rules
 Takahiro Ozawa, Toshimichi Saito
(MD5 checksum : dacb517d6e54c330c356d6d1372f7083)
366-372 : Estimation of sleep onset and awaking time using a deep neural network with physiological data during sleep
 Minami Tsuchiya, Atsushi Tanaka, Muneki Yasuda, Tomochika Harada, Seung-Il Cho, Michio Yokoyama
(MD5 checksum : 36767819fe877d585abd958ba125b9de)
373-389 : A study on a low power optimization algorithm for an edge-AI device
 Tatsuya Kaneko, Kentaro Orimo, Itaru Hida, Shinya Takamaeda-Yamazaki, Masayuki Ikebe, Masato Motomura, Tetsuya Asai
(MD5 checksum : 8007cb431407354c31a85609dfcf170f)
390-398 : Turing patterns in the simplest MCNN
 Maide Bucolo, Arturo Buscarino, Claudia Corradino, Luigi Fortuna, Mattia Frasca
(MD5 checksum : 7ffe99ed06eb36542f2900bed1f6cce4)
399-413 : Design of “bubble-inspired single-electron circuit” mimicking behavior of bubble film
 Nobuhiko Kurata, Takahide Oya
(MD5 checksum : 142e8d287cd96b45b87aae42bd4c391b)
414-430 : Representation of electrons on symmetric electron-wave stub-filters by waves and particles
 Shota Hayakawa, Nobuyuki Hirami, Hisato Fujisaka
(MD5 checksum : 375c896a5263bd498d6cfd152bcdd929)
431-442 : Simplification of control design for driftless nonholonomic systems based on rough path anlaysis
 Yûki Nishimura, Kouki Takeuchi
(MD5 checksum : ae2d4c38615179604f93ed805cffbb30)
443-454 : Application of reinforcement learning to adaptive control of connected vehicles
 Ikumi Ichikawa, Toshimitsu Ushio
(MD5 checksum : bcba7dd3174b3743c3c045d0c9466d8b)
455-464 : Design and implementation of a power packet network protocol for flexible power routing
 Toshiyuki Matsuda, Jing Ma, Mikio Hasegawa
(MD5 checksum : 9dbb372a0e9296a2105a7aeaa5e3bdf0)
465-484 : Error analyses of Sinc-Nyström methods for initial value problems
 Ryota Hara, Tomoaki Okayama
(MD5 checksum : 7d6f7ae679564d6aee09f5fd48bc5c25)
485-495 : Detection of human-interaction network using Markov random field
 Muneki Yasuda, Kouta Katou, Yoshitaka Mikuni, Yuuki Yokoyama, Tomochika Harada, Atushi Tanaka, Michio Yokoyama
(MD5 checksum : 7777b5636f03bfde73570fda9c1b8ebe)
496-506 : Reconstructing the Laplacian matrix to estimate social network structure by using compressed sensing
 Shun Sugimoto, Masaki Aida
(MD5 checksum : ea616056c14f7467aba9832d344da535)

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