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Vol. 8 No. 1 (2017)      Published on January 1, 2017

Special Issue on Recent Progress in Nonlinear Theory and Its Applications
1-1 : Special Issue on Recent Progress in Nonlinear Theory and Its Applications
 Guanrong Chen, Tetsushi Ueta
(MD5 checksum : 7c0f1eab6d137f92c648ac64a30d0c91)
2-14 : Reconstructing bifurcation diagrams with Lyapunov exponents from only time-series data using an extreme learning machine
 Yoshitaka Itoh, Yuta Tada, Masaharu Adachi
(MD5 checksum : 60f9fed520b2f8f30b450c6867654c81)
15-24 : Experimental study on synchronization of sound-coupled electronic metronomes
 Hisashi Kada, Kei Kondo, Shota Sumino, Isao T. Tokuda
(MD5 checksum : 0af4ebdea59fdb8ed77171d4894cb4ef)
25-37 : A configurable qualitative-modeling-based silicon neuron circuit
 Takashi Kohno, Munehisa Sekikawa, Kazuyuki Aihara
(MD5 checksum : 2ea0149e3e41d5e1af2d10b387a93bc0)
38-48 : Behavioral modeling of Class-E switching circuits via Weierstrass canonical form
 Yuichi Tanji, Hiroto Kamei
(MD5 checksum : 445a4d68ee24ac18185d08ea5973731b)
49-57 : A novel wireless sensor networks multilateration positioning method based on quartic double-well bistable stochastic resonance technique
 Di He
(MD5 checksum : 16248427c920e90d33399788bb1a273f)
58-66 : Practical optimal nonlinear filter with estimated noise probability density function
 Yukihiro Tadokoro
(MD5 checksum : 9353a8ffd2c6ce53326f430ae9965a9e)
67-78 : Correlational properties of the full-length sequences based on the discretized Markov β-transformations
 Hiroshi Fujisaki
(MD5 checksum : 9baf3c1bf714d4eaff2baea87b704e77)

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