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Vol. 6 No. 2 (2015)      Published on April 1, 2015

Special Section on Network Sciences and Engineering
131-132 : Special section on network sciences and engineering
 Dong-Kyue Kim, Hiroo Sekiya
(MD5 checksum : 36fa66f4e1b5e6cb4c3c8a4b8516002e)
  Invited Paper
133-143 : Physical random bit generators and their reliability: focusing on chaotic laser systems
 Masanobu Inubushi, Kazuyuki Yoshimura, Kenichi Arai, Peter Davis
(MD5 checksum : ca176eee507f35402d9080f84d81dd21)
144-159 : QoS-enabled streaming of multiple description coded video over OpenFlow-based networks
 Thuyen Minh Thi, Thong Huynh, Won-Joo Hwang
(MD5 checksum : 5195222a152f4a37778c62519276f7ec)
160-170 : Distributed power saving scheme in consideration of QoS requirement for IEEE 802.11e network
 Nobuyoshi Komuro
(MD5 checksum : ec9dc51f23216a9bec0c7ed50ad947d5)
171-180 : A criterion for timescale decomposition of external inputs for generalized phase reduction of limit-cycle oscillators
 Wataru Kurebayashi, Sho Shirasaka, Hiroya Nakao
(MD5 checksum : 16c9ef3665c225123bc4a270349b8679)
181-193 : Particle swarm optimization with switched topology
 Kenya Jin'no, Ryosuke Sano, Toshimichi Saito
(MD5 checksum : 7c43d200e76777319830851475e4bea5)
194-206 : Low-complexity indoor UWB localization scheme using particle swarm optimization
 Eiji Okamoto, Manato Horiba, Keita Nakashima, Toshiko Shinohara, Katsuhiko Matsumura
(MD5 checksum : deffda2fff4df94acb9ccca7ecaf47d6)
207-225 : A novel cochlea partition model based on asynchronous bifurcation processor
 Hironori Ishimoto, Masato Izawa, Hiroyuki Torikai
(MD5 checksum : 8e22edd3caeaac8f42c3e72feab2775b)
226-236 : The inference method of the gene regulatory network with a majority rule
 Naoyuki Kizaki, Hiroshi Yoshino, Hiroaki Kurokawa
(MD5 checksum : b45a0e27c31fe2eb98bf992fd0439742)
237-251 : Markov property of correlated random networks and its application to the analysis of the Internet topologies
 Shigeo Shioda, Masato Yoshihara
(MD5 checksum : dcafaf47c87b75f1b17d570f277932c2)
252-262 : FPGA implementation of hardware-oriented reaction-diffusion cellular automata models
 Kazuyoshi Ishimura, Katsuro Komuro, Alexandre Schmid, Tetsuya Asai, Masato Motomura
(MD5 checksum : 90fb788565539b23b09afb0e8d110831)
263-274 : Neural-based routing strategy with transmission information for complex communication networks
 Takayuki Kimura, Tohru Takamizawa, Keisuke Kimura, Kenya Jin'no
(MD5 checksum : 1a3f8c74bc646c3d34ac8cc7b30e4ff5)
275-284 : What do amoebae look before they leap?— an efficient mechanism before sporulation in the true slime mold Physarum polycephalum
 Hisa-Aki Tanaka, Yuta Kondo, Hiroyuki Nei
(MD5 checksum : 124f549a5b9f8c72741c7e8949a19e08)
285-294 : A mode-lock free decentralized timing synchronization algorithm for intervehicle ad-hoc networks
 Hisa-Aki Tanaka, Kenta Shinohara
(MD5 checksum : 9515eca605e7eec99e611691c7836a86)
295-302 : An approximation for dynamical processes on periodic temporal networks
 Naoya Fujiwara
(MD5 checksum : 6df9cdcc32f77f39c33a2eeb616d676e)
303-312 : Noise-Enhanced subthreshold signal reception by a stochastic resonance receiver using a non-dynamical device
 Hiroya Tanaka, Keita Chiga, Takaya Yamazato, Yukihiro Tadokoro, Shintaro Arai
(MD5 checksum : bb7bd1b73813f6ae6af68ba386fbdcc0)
Regular Section
313-328 : Nonlinear dynamics in free flight of an echolocating bat
 Ikkyu Aihara, Yasufumi Yamada, Emyo Fujioka, Shizuko Hiryu
(MD5 checksum : c48571166b51c6c3cf937a5ea647f474)
329-339 : An algorithm for generating all CR sequences in the de Bruijn sequences of length 2n where n is any odd number
 Hiroshi Fujisaki
(MD5 checksum : 67cf46d910e4c0efda37802ac1b0081e)

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