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Vol. 6 No. 1 (2015)      Published on January 1, 2015

Special Section on Complex Systems Modelling and its Transdisciplinary Applications
1-1 : Special section on complex systems modelling and its transdisciplinary applications
 Kazuyuki Aihara, Yoshito Hirata
(MD5 checksum : 170c8aa15af5056bfc47e4e7f3efb33a)
2-14 : Bifurcation avoidance control of stable periodic points using the maximum local Lyapunov exponent
 Ken'ichi Fujimoto, Kazuyuki Aihara
(MD5 checksum : ba362fcada7a715fa499fffc3ee52b60)
15-25 : Public opinion formation with the spiral of silence on complex social networks
 Daiki Takeuchi, Gouhei Tanaka, Ryo Fujie, Hideyuki Suzuki
(MD5 checksum : a148285a4c8211691987b66a4750f00b)
26-37 : Clustered model reduction of interconnected second-order systems
 Takayuki Ishizaki, Jun-ichi Imura
(MD5 checksum : 04adbe9d00923fd6387659d76f570560)
38-46 : Method for analyzing time-varying statistics on point process data with multiple trials
 Kantaro Fujiwara, Hideyuki Suzuki, Tohru Ikeguchi, Kazuyuki Aihara
(MD5 checksum : 8edee44d760dd06f930bd91d7e97e51a)
47-53 : Effect of eclipse phase on quantifying viral dynamics of acute HIV-1 infection in humanized mouse model
 Hiroki Ikeda, Shinji Nakaoka, Kei Sato, Naoko Misawa, Yoshio Koyanagi, Shingo Iwami
(MD5 checksum : 70621e993a0879dcff55b3480452a5eb)
54-70 : Mathematical analysis and classification of tumor immune dynamics in T cell transfer treatment
 Shinji Nakaoka
(MD5 checksum : 56174f9eafa57aa392686f0b8c5194a9)
71-84 : Partial-update exponential chaotic tabu search for a large-scale analog/digital hybrid electronic system
 Yoshihiko Horio, Masato Ozawa, Takeshi Miura
(MD5 checksum : 5f2eec87d0d9c21cd3bcb721b6a69580)
Regular Section
85-98 : Basic behavior of a pulse-coupled ring system with three spiking neurons
 Yusuke Matsuoka, Sho Shibata
(MD5 checksum : 4c567fbad3578ab74206dd3a77116924)
99-111 : Rigorous estimates of quantization error for A/D converters based on beta-map
 Takaki Makino, Yukiko Iwata, Katsutoshi Shinohara, Yutaka Jitsumatsu, Masao Hotta, Hao San, Kazuyuki Aihara
(MD5 checksum : 83f2aedaeeab511490b2576f435da75a)
112-130 : An optimizer using swarm of chaotic dynamical particles
 Yoshikazu Yamanaka, Tadashi Tsubone
(MD5 checksum : fbedb2fd2a5c7412751863e881dec60e)

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