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Vol. 5 No. 4 (2014)      Published on October 1, 2014

Special Issue on Recent Progress in Nonlinear Theory and Its Applications
409-409 : Greetings and Foreword
 Yuzuru Sato, Vakhtang Putkaradze
(MD5 checksum : cfc148964b7a99716e243de1f8cef369)
410-423 : Computability and complexity of Julia sets: a review
 Kota Hiratsuka, Yuzuru Sato, Zin Arai
(MD5 checksum : 5978ab55616d2b39090b003cc1438bd1)
424-435 : Selective averaging with application to phase reduction and neural control
 Gerd S. Schmidt, Dan Wilson, Frank Allgöwer, Jeff Moehlis
(MD5 checksum : 69c2402dfcbf68ab4df194c889ab709a)
436-444 : Multiple basins of consistency in noise-driven dynamical system
 Hoipang Yip, Atsushi Uchida
(MD5 checksum : 8a0e36a4fe7f921552285b488598c2ac)
445-455 : Application of nonlinear systems for designing low-power logic gates based on stochastic resonance
 Gonzalez-Carabarin Lizeth, Tetsuya Asai, Masato Motomura
(MD5 checksum : d51feb1a3416466a1b75b36f64642d22)
456-465 : Image steganography based on reaction diffusion models toward hardware implementation
 Kazuyoshi Ishimura, Katsuro Komuro, Alexandre Schmid, Tetsuya Asai, Masato Motomura
(MD5 checksum : f51fdc5cbcc246727c233ddbc5f911f2)
466-475 : Synchronization of coupled Stirling engines
 Hisashi Kada, Hiromasa Hojyo, Isao T. Tokuda
(MD5 checksum : 05fdbdfbd13ed7bbded5518018a18e33)
476-486 : Distributed control of the number of clusters in obstacle collecting by swarm agents
 Yuichiro Sueoka, Takuto Kita, Masato Ishikawa, Yasuhiro Sugimoto, Koichi Osuka
(MD5 checksum : 2e16af25eeeb45d2d149c86dd3500adc)
487-498 : Control of transportation trails by distributed autonomous agents inspired by the foraging behavior of ants
 Kazuki Nakayama, Yuichiro Sueoka, Masato Ishikawa, Yasuhiro Sugimoto, Koichi Osuka
(MD5 checksum : c7d8193bc851c12721e138cf001a707b)
499-511 : A wide input amplitude range, highly efficient rectifier for low power energy harvesting systems
 Qiang Li, Jing Wang, Li Ding, Yasuaki Inoue
(MD5 checksum : 74e875b2447d9477c6ac56c0806ce6d0)
512-522 : A PTA method using numerical integration algorithms with artificial damping for solving nonlinear DC circuits
 Xiao WU, Zhou JIN, Dan NIU, Yasuaki INOUE
(MD5 checksum : a54fba3707d95857e09f901b2cb0f886)
523-534 : Collision particle swarm optimizers and exploring periodic points
 Kazuki Maruyama, Toshimichi Saito
(MD5 checksum : cc00a7c200a08ed6debb9c7b667e64a2)
535-544 : Basic analysis of a hyperchaotic spiking circuit with impulsive switching
 Kazuki Yotsuji, Toshimichi Saito
(MD5 checksum : c6f575acb0356c8e04ddc91c97a352cc)

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