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Vol. 5 No. 2 (2014)      Published on April 1, 2014

Special section on Communication Sciences and Engineering
100-100 : Special section on communication sciences and engineering
 Mikio Hasegawa
(MD5 checksum : 2112645338fcc0040d85de5e1f4e8978)
101-112 : Built-in hardware pseudo-random test module for Physical Unclonable Functions
 Jae Seong Lee, Piljoo Choi, Song-Ju Kim, Byong-Deok Choi, Dong Kyue Kim
(MD5 checksum : 93f5844a915294b46631192b0154b1fd)
113-126 : Modeling communication dynamics
 Peter Davis
(MD5 checksum : c95f2602b8c878b9ae9cdac86a7235d9)
127-139 : Entropy of the induced transformations associated with the interval algorithm
 Hiroshi Fujisaki
(MD5 checksum : 844c0408f8cfe164665602ec8694f1b8)
140-156 : Multilevel modulated chaos MIMO transmission scheme with physical layer security
 Eiji Okamoto, Yuma Inaba
(MD5 checksum : 9e5921abd7fd83133105c0328a9fb612)
157-171 : Enhancement of noise correlation for noise-induced synchronization of limit-cycle oscillators by threshold filtering
 Masahiro Kazama, Wataru Kurebayashi, Takahiro Tsuchida, Yuta Minoshima, Mikio Hasegawa, Koji Kimura, Hiroya Nakao
(MD5 checksum : 71ff62208f3752c8a646ea24bdc04763)
172-183 : Multi-user chaos MIMO-OFDM scheme for physical layer multi-access security
 Yuma Inaba, Eiji okamoto
(MD5 checksum : f6a7b4ac814c1010a5a461697a772146)
184-197 : A novel approach for electricity demand forecasting
 Caihong Li, Senhui Mu, Jianzhou Wang, Yi Yang, Lian Li
(MD5 checksum : a40685530024fadf4f8723a95f1dd411)
198-209 : Amoeba-inspired algorithm for cognitive medium access
 Song-Ju Kim, Masashi Aono
(MD5 checksum : fc1d4ab2c1fd85b8a0a7ca862764225f)
210-221 : M-ary modulation scheme based on separation of deterministic chaotic dynamics for noncoherent chaos-based communications
 Shintaro Arai, Yoshifumi Nishio, Takaya Yamazato
(MD5 checksum : ee0d8df45f829850de752b5da5531695)
Regular section
222-234 : Multidirectional associative memory with self-connections
 Shogo Furusawa, Masaki Kobayashi
(MD5 checksum : a6ee953f67f5fc2eb1796d7dffcc1071)
235-249 : A construction of all CR sequences in the de Bruijn sequences of length 22p+1 where p is a prime number
 Hiroshi Fujisaki
(MD5 checksum : 17a47bed9a2cf85ae2e971428f194afb)

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