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Vol. 4 No. 1 (2013)      Published on January 1, 2013

Special section on Recent Progress in Verified Numerical Computations
1-1 : Special section on recent progress in verified numerical computations
 Zin Arai, Takeshi Ogita, Yoshitaka Watanabe
(MD5 checksum : da6de0b9e123c9b6e09bd6913915429f)
2-11 : Generalization of error-free transformation for matrix multiplication and its application
 Katsuhisa Ozaki, Takeshi Ogita, Shin'ichi Oishi, Siegfried M. Rump
(MD5 checksum : 76290e240390fd59745dcb796cbe94d8)
12-22 : Verification methods for linear systems using ufp estimation with rounding-to-nearest
 Yusuke Morikura, Katsuhisa Ozaki, Shin'ichi Oishi
(MD5 checksum : f4cfae35ca37969c76be820a2115f056)
23-33 : A simple numerical verification method for differential equations based on infinite dimensional sequential iteration
 Yoshitaka Watanabe
(MD5 checksum : bcdf137b1d7377e559e73bc856568b9a)
34-61 : Verified computations to semilinear elliptic boundary value problems on arbitrary polygonal domains
 Akitoshi Takayasu, Xuefeng Liu, Shin'ichi Oishi
(MD5 checksum : fb76e22a5225454ce85ae2f31f76932f)
62-79 : Rigorous numerics for stationary solutions of dissipative PDEs - Existence and local dynamics -
 Kaname Matsue
(MD5 checksum : be96a7997641c9d81ab6c4feb315e3fc)
80-87 : Some remarks on the instability of approximate solutions for ODEs
 Takuma Kimura, Takehiko Kinoshita, Mitsuhiro T. Nakao
(MD5 checksum : 7feacd1313ff681ad652ee88cea73559)
88-96 : Validated computation of global solutions to ODEs
 Masato Harikae, Nobito Yamamoto
(MD5 checksum : ad7d3f7d0c9b92c71fa60a9532ed795e)
97-103 : A topological computation approach to the interior crisis bifurcation
 Hiroshi Kokubu, Hiroe Oka
(MD5 checksum : 92f34e49c5ab8a59febb398cc5b4be3e)
104-110 : A rigorous numerical algorithm for computing the linking number of links
 Zin Arai
(MD5 checksum : c87620c6297d3cc48c081023ab13b3ed)
Regular Section
111-126 : Bifurcation-based synthesis of asynchronous cellular automaton based neuron
 Takashi Matsubara, Hiroyuki Torikai
(MD5 checksum : a8438fe3f406a4d082c45061a8faa9d7)

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