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Vol. 3 No. 4 (2012)      Published on October 1, 2012

Special section on bifurcations
457-457 : Special section on bifurcations
 Toshimichi Saito
(MD5 checksum : 34a653dbd471ff63966fa76275e8d81d)
  Invited Paper
458-476 : Bifurcation analyses of nonlinear dynamical systems: From theory to numerical computations
 Kunichika Tsumoto, Tetsushi Ueta, Tetsuya Yoshinaga, Hiroshi Kawakami
(MD5 checksum : 6e6680af927309ad8df46842d268d0e3)
477-496 : Coupled overdamped bistable systems with applications to sensor devices
 Visarath In, Andy Kho, Patrick Longhini, Antonio Palacios
(MD5 checksum : d0a29b5e4e319a0ce9316a6eb0b6bd06)
497-507 : Invariant patterns in a non-invertible chaotic map by the directional coloring
 Tetsushi Ueta
(MD5 checksum : ad69fa73967729ba670320ce6177aaf2)
508-520 : Numerical sensitivity in the analysis of a high-dimensional oscillator
 Naohiko Inaba, Munehisa Sekikawa, Tetsuro Endo
(MD5 checksum : 82283fbb2f5787bb9f6de328a627294c)
521-532 : Route to chaos in a circuit modeled by a 1-dimensional piecewise linear map
 Danièle Fournier-Prunaret, Pascal Chargé
(MD5 checksum : 0892060a3b983ea20f6e633914c1c481)
533-545 : Robustness and an application of a one-dimensional window-map based on rotation dynamics
 Yusuke Matsuoka
(MD5 checksum : ea042c480d5de95e497151fd5f4716e9)
546-556 : The Stabilizing mechanism for an interrupted dynamical system with periodic threshold
 Hiroyuki Asahara, Kenichi Tasaki, Kazuyuki Aihara, Takuji Kousaka
(MD5 checksum : be8617826aa6f647ba43ac42737d65da)
557-572 : Bifurcation analysis of inhibitory responses of A PWC spiking neuron model
 Yutaro Yamashita, Hiroyuki Torikai
(MD5 checksum : 2848ca44f7601e17b92574ab7f7ae20c)
573-585 : Searching characteristics of chaotic neurodynamics for combinatorial optimization
 Takafumi Matsuura, Kazumiti Numata, Tohru Ikeguchi
(MD5 checksum : 336a7b023af5ed74c88bda9d211bc99e)
586-595 : Particle swarm optimization for design of class-E amplifier
 Yuichi Tanji, Haruna Matsushita, Hiroo Sekiya
(MD5 checksum : 62d2c71cf3f1419bddf697e05286e2cd)
596-605 : Analysis of digital spike maps based on bifurcating neurons
 Narutoshi Horimoto, Toshimichi Saito
(MD5 checksum : 018023d447bfeb91980c10bc7a22d9bb)
606-620 : A cellular array model of reaction-diffusion systems for parallel generation of pseudo-random i.i.d. sequences
 Keisuke Nagata, Hisato Fujisaka, Takeshi Kamio, Kazuhisa Haeiwa
(MD5 checksum : 953b3c53f33c0acc29f4d9a35566bb2a)
Regular Section
621-628 : Development of low-frequency electrical therapy device with chaotic vibration and its performance analysis
 Mamoru Suefuji, Takuya Shindou, Kantaro Fujiwara, Kenya Jin'no, Tohru Ikeguchi
(MD5 checksum : 8cabbbfa1685671e99846c9052db636b)

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