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Vol. 2 No. 1 (2011)      Published on January 1, 2011

1-1 : Special section on recent progress in numerical verification
 Shin'ichi Oishi, Michael Plum, Siegfried M. Rump
(MD5 checksum : ee2f9547238b4ffde049ce6a53a8ff32)
  Invited Paper
2-31 : Numerical verification methods for solutions of semilinear elliptic boundary value problems
 Mitsuhiro T. Nakao, Yoshitaka Watanabe
(MD5 checksum : 208d49f30842b199fc1bf8f9cdd30f24)
32-42 : Robust geometric computation based on the principle of independence
 Kokichi Sugihara
(MD5 checksum : df8e7a87ca3ef16b695a8aa23f82e812)
43-53 : Numerical verification of chaos-based random number generators by using bootstrap method
 Salih Ergün, Kunihiro Asada
(MD5 checksum : b6a7bb9acd344adfea18d7b6cc1dd6e7)
54-67 : On the basic operations of interval multiple-precision arithmetic with center-radius form
 Nozomu Matsuda, Nobito Yamamoto
(MD5 checksum : 5a37f276aaee12b6ac0d05980516a0e5)
68-73 : A model problem for global optimization
 Siegfried M. Rump
(MD5 checksum : 7ab45367ef72ec0285b0653fb3210766)
74-89 : A method of computer assisted proof for nonlinear two-point boundary value problems using higher order finite elements
 Akitoshi Takayasu, Shin'ichi Oishi
(MD5 checksum : a3f5821be84fb3cffd085612d8779430)
90-110 : Verified solutions of two-point boundary value problems for nonlinear oscillators
 Florian Bünger
(MD5 checksum : 2f369d3e9951da3b87d49fc391b83386)
111-122 : An enclosure method for complex eigenvalues of ordinary differential operators
 Kaori Nagatou, Takashi Morifuji
(MD5 checksum : 7011deea94e10c12be8ac4256d591752)
123-127 : A computer-assisted stability proof for the Orr-Sommerfeld problem with Poiseuille flow
 Yoshitaka Watanabe, Kaori Nagatou, Michael Plum, Mitsuhiro T. Nakao
(MD5 checksum : 7f4923510b971883930143bf4b88ad35)
128-138 : Feature extraction and hypothesis testing using collective synchronization in a network of nonsymmetrically coupled phase oscillators
 Takaya Miyano, Sadanori Higashino, Takako Tsutsui
(MD5 checksum : 66ac59e1d033875ccda424a51b8ae426)
139-151 : Onset of the propagating pulse wave in a ring of coupled bistable oscillators
 Kuniyasu Shimizu, Motomasa Komuro, Tetsuro Endo
(MD5 checksum : 2ff1b54659e4618a6e7a4365f2ee0779)

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