Presentation 2015-03-19
For disease information by sequencer
Tousaku KOJIMA,
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Abstract(in English) Recent years, sequencing device based on a new principle (sequencer) is developed one after another, are being marketed. Growth of its performance, just give a revolutionary impact on the life sciences. The latest, DNA sequencer of the fourth century, we apply the tunnel effect, use the nano-level technology, have studied due to the tunnel current. Genome-wide association study (GWAS), I have described polymorphisms in particular cause of disease (SNPs). Genome-wide association study (GWAS), the group of RIKEN has announced the first time in the world. Then, the development of new whole-genome SNP microarrays, using a large-scale DNA sample covering all genome Through the genotyping evaluation, GWAS studies to explore allyl causing disease or trait began.
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Keyword(in English) DNA sequencer / Genome / Genetic information / Genetic testing / Disease information / GWAS
Paper # SSS2014-36
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Conference Date 2015/3/12(1days)
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Title (in English) For disease information by sequencer
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Keyword(1) DNA sequencer
Keyword(2) Genome
Keyword(3) Genetic information
Keyword(4) Genetic testing
Keyword(5) Disease information
Keyword(6) GWAS
1st Author's Name Tousaku KOJIMA
1st Author's Affiliation Yokohama National University()
Date 2015-03-19
Paper # SSS2014-36
Volume (vol) vol.114
Number (no) 519
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