Presentation 2015-02-13
A Simulated Annealing based LowIR Drop Pattern Selection Method for Resistive Open Fault Diagnosis
S Wang, Taiga Inoue, T. Al-Awadhi Hanan, Yoshinobu Higami, Hiroshi Takahashi,
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Abstract(in English) Resistive Open Faults (RoF) are known to be major sources of small delays in Deep Sub-Micron devices. Excessive IR drop during test results in delay variation that would cause incorrect diagnosis for small delay faults such as RoFs. We believe that the patterns with low IR drop can help avoid incorrect diagnosis. Therefore, we propose a test pattern selection method for RoF diagnosis under the constraint of low IR drop. Our method first selects the patterns for target faults whose longest sensitized path have high IR drop from a pre-generated test set, and then it conducts x-identification and x-filling on the risky pattern set to generate safety patterns with low IR drop for the target faults. Simulated Annealing algorithm is introduced for exploring the best x-filling. Experimental results show the effectiveness of our selection.
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Keyword(in English) resistive open fault / IR drop / diagnosis test generation / X-filling / simulated annealing
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Conference Date 2015/2/6(1days)
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Title (in English) A Simulated Annealing based LowIR Drop Pattern Selection Method for Resistive Open Fault Diagnosis
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Keyword(1) resistive open fault
Keyword(2) IR drop
Keyword(3) diagnosis test generation
Keyword(4) X-filling
Keyword(5) simulated annealing
1st Author's Name S Wang
1st Author's Affiliation Ehime University()
2nd Author's Name Taiga Inoue
2nd Author's Affiliation Ehime University
3rd Author's Name T. Al-Awadhi Hanan
3rd Author's Affiliation Ehime University
4th Author's Name Yoshinobu Higami
4th Author's Affiliation Ehime University
5th Author's Name Hiroshi Takahashi
5th Author's Affiliation Ehime University
Date 2015-02-13
Paper # DC2014-87
Volume (vol) vol.114
Number (no) 446
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