Presentation 2014-06-06
Ransomware : Threat Analysis and Countermeasures
Akira KANAOKA, Toshihiro OHIGASHI,
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Abstract(in Japanese) (See Japanese page)
Abstract(in English) Ransomware which disables data or functions in victim's computer and demand money from victim, uses cryptographic technology to disable data, therefore brings serious threat to users. In 2013, CryptoLocker which has advanced technology with public key encryption for encryption key and high anonymity for decryption key reception service, was discovered. In this paper, threats on ransomwares are analyzed by focusing CryptoLocker. Points to countermeasure like detection and protection is listed up by flow of ransomware behavior. It is also described how ransomware avoids points of countermeasure. Then, we predict future function or behavior of ransomware and consider its countermeasures.
Keyword(in Japanese) (See Japanese page)
Keyword(in English) Ransomware / Malware / Tor Hidden Service / Identity-based Encryption
Paper # IA2014-7,ICSS2014-7
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Conference Date 2014/5/29(1days)
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Title (in English) Ransomware : Threat Analysis and Countermeasures
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Keyword(1) Ransomware
Keyword(2) Malware
Keyword(3) Tor Hidden Service
Keyword(4) Identity-based Encryption
1st Author's Name Akira KANAOKA
1st Author's Affiliation Faculty of Science, Toho University()
2nd Author's Name Toshihiro OHIGASHI
2nd Author's Affiliation Information Media Center, Hiroshima University
Date 2014-06-06
Paper # IA2014-7,ICSS2014-7
Volume (vol) vol.114
Number (no) 70
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