Presentation 2014-06-21
Contorol of Flow of Thought in Hierarchical Structured Semantic Space Model
Akinori TAKADA,
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Abstract(in English) In this article I propose a method to control flow of thought in "Hierarchical Structured Semantic Space Model" as a model to construct natural language based question-answering system. In rule-based natural language processing, input sentences are needed to be translated into certain types of meta-form. Then, based with the translated meta-form data, a system generates some inferences, makes behavior plans and executes them. Especially when in these processes, the chains of inferences can be so complicated and also many in numbers, therefore the system needs to control the direction and the number of inferences. This type of controls is thought to be "control of the flow of thought". As an abductive inference is categorized into non-logical processing and its mechanism in natural intelligence is not fully grasped, there are many difficulties in complementing this function. In this research I propose "a model to control the flow of thought" as control of the directions and the number of abductive inferences.
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Keyword(in English) natural language processing / question-answering system / semantic space / channel theory / abduction
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Title (in English) Contorol of Flow of Thought in Hierarchical Structured Semantic Space Model
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Keyword(1) natural language processing
Keyword(2) question-answering system
Keyword(3) semantic space
Keyword(4) channel theory
Keyword(5) abduction
1st Author's Name Akinori TAKADA
1st Author's Affiliation Faculty of Letters, Department of Communication Studies, Ferris University()
Date 2014-06-21
Paper # TL2014-3
Volume (vol) vol.114
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