Presentation 2013-12-14
Linking Production, Comprehension, and Learning : A computational P-chain approach
Franklin Chang,
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Abstract(in English) Traditionally, production, comprehension, and acquisition have been studied separately. My talk will review work looking at how we can link these domains together into a unified framework called the P-chain (Dell & Chang, in press). The implications of this framework can be seen in work with connectionist model called the Dual-path model (Chang, Dell, & Bock, 2006). The model shows how a mechanism for language learning can explain both language acquisition and production phenomena like structural priming. The same model can learn different languages like English and Japanese (Chang, 2009) and can explain different processing biases in each language (e.g., heavy NP shift). The model links these phenomena with comprehension phenomena like prediction in visual world studies. The model also provides a way to explain L2 language development and processing with the same mechanisms that are used to explain L1 language acquisition and I will discuss some new work in this domain. References Chang, F. (2009). Learning to order words: A connectionist model of heavy NP shift and accessibility effects in Japanese and English. Journal of Memory and Language, 61, 374-397. Bock, K., Dell, G. S., Chang, F., Onishi, K. (2007). Persistent structural priming from language comprehension to language production. Cognition, 104(3), 437-458. Dell, G.S. & Chang, F.(in press). The P-Chain: Relating sentence production and its disorders to comprehension and acquisition. Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society B.
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Keyword(in English) production / structural priming / computational model / learning / visual world studies
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Title (in English) Linking Production, Comprehension, and Learning : A computational P-chain approach
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Keyword(2) structural priming
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Date 2013-12-14
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