Presentation 2013-12-20
Measurement of Poynting Vector in Automobile Cabin by 3 Axis Magnetic Field Probe
Yasuhiro FUKAGAWA, Shinji FUKUI, Shuichi KOUNO, Tatsuya OZAWA,
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Abstract(in English) Conventional methods used to clarify electromagnetic noise propagation in a vehicle have mainly concentrated on the measurement of electric and magnetic fields, but if we measure the way in which the electromagnetic energy is being transmitted from the source, this will make it possible to take more effective action against such electromagnetic noise. This paper describes a method using a tri-axial magnetic probe in the vehicle to detect the near magnetic field, whereupon the electric field is obtained by calculating it from the magnetic field and from this, the Poynting vector, which indicates energy flow, is calculated. Using this method, it is possible to visualize the energy flow of electromagnetic wave generated by antennas in the vicinity of the vehicle.
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Keyword(in English) 3axis magnetic field Probe / Poynting vector
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Title (in English) Measurement of Poynting Vector in Automobile Cabin by 3 Axis Magnetic Field Probe
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Keyword(1) 3axis magnetic field Probe
Keyword(2) Poynting vector
1st Author's Name Yasuhiro FUKAGAWA
1st Author's Affiliation Nippon Soken, INC.()
2nd Author's Name Shinji FUKUI
2nd Author's Affiliation Nippon Soken, INC.
3rd Author's Name Shuichi KOUNO
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4th Author's Name Tatsuya OZAWA
4th Author's Affiliation Nippon Soken, INC.
Date 2013-12-20
Paper # EMCJ2013-101
Volume (vol) vol.113
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