Presentation 2014-05-30
Development of Monitoring Sensors for Aging of Radioactive Waste Storage Containers by using CFRP-FBG and for Leakage from it
Issei SASAKI, Masao GOTOU, Makoto YAMADA,
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Abstract(in Japanese) (See Japanese page)
Abstract(in English) This report presents optical fiber sensors for extremely long term monitoring of aging and radiation leakage from radioactive waste storage containers. As is well known, the treatment of radioactive waste caused by the accident of the Fukushima nuclear power plant has become a national issue. It is recently considered keeping them for more than hundred years in special containers designed with tough and effective shielding material. During the period, radiation leakage due to aging or damage caused by natural disasters will be strongly concerned. Therefore super monitoring technology would be needed to watch them under severe conditions. The sensors for the monitoring may be required of ultra long life and must work well stably and automatically on remote for the long period. In this report, sensors are designed applicable to this purpose with using long life material such as optical fiber and carbon filament sheet. In addition, the fact that a magnet suction force becomes weaker when iron metal has rust is used. This implies degradations of iron due to aging. In this report, an optical fiber sensor FBG in a reinforced plastic with carbon sheet (CFRP-FBG) is also used to detect the magnetic force as the wavelength change of Bragg reflection from FBG. This optical phenomena is passive and thus stably works for long time. The other hand, the scintillation fiber sensor which works only by the energy of the radiation power in principle may be almost ideal as radiation leakage monitor stably and automatically working without need of neither light source nor external electric power supply for long time.
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Keyword(in English) FBG / CFRP-FBG / Radioactive waste / Container / Aging monitor / Iron rust / Radiation leakage monitor
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Title (in English) Development of Monitoring Sensors for Aging of Radioactive Waste Storage Containers by using CFRP-FBG and for Leakage from it
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Keyword(1) FBG
Keyword(2) CFRP-FBG
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Keyword(7) Radiation leakage monitor
1st Author's Name Issei SASAKI
1st Author's Affiliation Advanced Institute of Industrial Technology()
2nd Author's Name Masao GOTOU
2nd Author's Affiliation Sensing Technology Japan Co.Ltd.
3rd Author's Name Makoto YAMADA
3rd Author's Affiliation Osaka Prefecture University
Date 2014-05-30
Paper # OFT2014-14
Volume (vol) vol.114
Number (no) 64
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