Presentation 2014-04-25
Construction of Design Environment for Asynchronous Circuits using DDL Cell Library
Masashi IMAI, Hiromasa IGARASHI, Sanshiro KUDO,
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Abstract(in English) As the VLSI fabrication technology advances, delay variations due to random process variations, crosstalk, and aging effect, which exhibit random characteristics even in the neighboring components, have been one of main issues. QDI-model-based dual-rail asynchronous circuits are promising implementation against these random variations. However, the dual-rail circuits which are composed by the normal single-rail standard-cell libraries may be twice larger than the corresponding single-rail circuits. In this paper, we propose DDL (Differential Domino Logic) cell libraries and their logic synthesis libraries in order to design high-performance and small-area asynchronous circuits. The cell libraries contain 12 DDL cells, which can implement any function by one of them. We also design three synthesis libraries in the Liberty format and compare them. We will show some evaluation results using the Nangate 45nm process technologies.
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Keyword(in English) Asynchronous circuits / Dual-rail encoding / QDI model / DDL cell library / Logic synthesis / Technology mapping
Paper # CPSY2014-2,DC2014-2
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Conference Date 2014/4/18(1days)
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Title (in English) Construction of Design Environment for Asynchronous Circuits using DDL Cell Library
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Keyword(1) Asynchronous circuits
Keyword(2) Dual-rail encoding
Keyword(3) QDI model
Keyword(4) DDL cell library
Keyword(5) Logic synthesis
Keyword(6) Technology mapping
1st Author's Name Masashi IMAI
1st Author's Affiliation Hirosaki Unversity()
2nd Author's Name Hiromasa IGARASHI
2nd Author's Affiliation Hirosaki Unversity
3rd Author's Name Sanshiro KUDO
3rd Author's Affiliation Hirosaki Unversity
Date 2014-04-25
Paper # CPSY2014-2,DC2014-2
Volume (vol) vol.114
Number (no) 22
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