Presentation 2013-10-21
Study on Multiple-hop Wireless Body Area Network based on CSMA/CA of IEEE802.15.6
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Abstract(in English) Since the elderly population is increasing all over the world, health care market keeps growing and there is a need for monitoring of health issues. Body Area Network (BAN) consists of wireless sensor nodes attached on or inside human body for monitoring vital health related problems, i.e, Electro Cardiogram (ECG), ElectroEncephalogram (EEG), Electronystagmogram(ENG) etc. Vital data is recorded by each sensor node and sent toward the coordinator. However, due to the obstacle of human body, sensor nodes not always can send the data to the coordinator. In addition, the life time of sensor nodes meaning the reduction of transmit power of sensor nodes should be considered. In standard IEEE802.15.6, the transmission topology is indicated as 1 hop star plus one. In order to obtain the high throughput, reduce the transmit power of sensor nodes and keep the fairness for all sensor nodes, the multiple-hop transmission of WBAN is considered based on CSMA/CA protocol of IEEE802.15.6. The throughput and the variance of transmit power are calculated by simulation and explained by the proposed theorem.
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Keyword(in English) multiple-hops / body area network / throughput of system / variance of transmit power / CSMA/CA / IEEE802.15.6
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Conference Date 2013/10/14(1days)
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Title (in English) Study on Multiple-hop Wireless Body Area Network based on CSMA/CA of IEEE802.15.6
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Keyword(1) multiple-hops
Keyword(2) body area network
Keyword(3) throughput of system
Keyword(4) variance of transmit power
Keyword(5) CSMA/CA
Keyword(6) IEEE802.15.6
1st Author's Name HIEP Pham THANH
1st Author's Affiliation Yokohama National University()
Date 2013-10-21
Paper # SRW2013-28
Volume (vol) vol.113
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