Presentation 2013-04-26
On-Chip Delay Measurement Using Adjacent Test Architecture
Kentaroh KATOH,
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Abstract(in English) This paper proposes an on-chip delay measurement using adjacent test architecture. The adjacent Test architecture can sensitize arbitrary single sentizable path. Therefore the proposed method can sensitize more hazard free paths than conventional approach. Hence it can measure more paths with high accuracy. In addition because the proposed method sensitizes paths with subsequent single bit transition, it sensitizes more paths per a scan operation. Hence the required number of seed vector is smaller than the conventional approach. The evaluation shows that the number of vectors is 56.2% of that of enhanced scan. The number of sensitizable paths is 7.1 and 3.5 times of those of LOS and LOC measurement, respectively. The area overhead is 49.3%.
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Keyword(in English) small delay defect / delay measurement / adjacent testable flip flop / flip flop with delay fault testability
Paper # CPSY2013-8,DC2013-8
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Conference Date 2013/4/19(1days)
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Title (in English) On-Chip Delay Measurement Using Adjacent Test Architecture
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Keyword(1) small delay defect
Keyword(2) delay measurement
Keyword(3) adjacent testable flip flop
Keyword(4) flip flop with delay fault testability
1st Author's Name Kentaroh KATOH
1st Author's Affiliation Department of Electrical Eng. of Tsuruoka National College of Technology Japan()
Date 2013-04-26
Paper # CPSY2013-8,DC2013-8
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