Presentation 2012-09-29
A fast speech rate conversion technology to assist efficient information acquisition for visually impaired persons
Naoyuki TAZAWA, Atsushi IMAI, Yukio IWAHANA, Tohru TAKAGI, Shinichi TORIHARA,
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Abstract(in English) We have performed studies and evaluation experiments of more acceptable rapid speech,aimed at implementation in applications such as installation in commercial devices designed for visually impaired persons. Although our method's playback time is same as the conventional High-speed playback tecnology,listener might feel playing in slower speeds and listen words clearer. Our proposal technology makes it possible to adaptive speech rate control in utterance positionand pitch/power in the speech information,instead of changing the speed of the utterance uniformly. We performed an experiment with visually impaired persons to compare the conventional high-speed playback technology and that of our adaptive high-speed playback technology in terms of"Listenability". The reaction to our proposal method from subjects with visual impairments has been very positive underscoring its potential as an effective tool for listening to high-speed speech.
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Keyword(in English) Visually impaired persons / DAISY / Audio books / Rapid speech
Paper # SP2012-69,WIT2012-21
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Conference Date 2012/9/21(1days)
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Title (in English) A fast speech rate conversion technology to assist efficient information acquisition for visually impaired persons
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Keyword(1) Visually impaired persons
Keyword(2) DAISY
Keyword(3) Audio books
Keyword(4) Rapid speech
1st Author's Name Naoyuki TAZAWA
1st Author's Affiliation NHK Engineering Services, Inc.()
2nd Author's Name Atsushi IMAI
2nd Author's Affiliation NHK Science&Technology Research Laboratories
3rd Author's Name Yukio IWAHANA
3rd Author's Affiliation NHK Engineering Services, Inc.
4th Author's Name Tohru TAKAGI
4th Author's Affiliation NHK Engineering Services, Inc.
5th Author's Name Shinichi TORIHARA
5th Author's Affiliation Keio Research Institute at SFC
Date 2012-09-29
Paper # SP2012-69,WIT2012-21
Volume (vol) vol.112
Number (no) 223
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