Presentation 2012-06-11
A study of services using large-scale house log in Smart city
Shintaro YAMAMOTO, Kouhei TAKAHASHI, Akihiro OKUSHI, Shinsuke MATSUMOTO, Masahide NAKAMURA,
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Abstract(in English) Smart city is a next-generation city planning. In the smart city, some value-added services such as energy saving and optimization of traffic are provided using wide variety of logs collected from various appliances and sensors. In our previous work, we have been proposed and developed a smart city platform, called Scallop4SC that supports collecting and processing the extremely large-scale log data. This system stores variety of logs on key-value store, and supports the statistical processing of the logs on Hadoop. This paper tackles two remaining challenges in Scallop4SC: designing a meta-data scheme for smart city configuration information, designing a Scallop4SFC-APIs for accessing stored logs and meta-data. We discuss with some concrete smart city services with a focus on two types of services: the energy saving and the improvement in quality of life. Based on the discussion, we consider what meta-data and APIs are required to realize the smart city services.
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Keyword(in English) Smart city / house log / Scallop4SC / smart city configuration information / API
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Conference Date 2012/6/4(1days)
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Title (in English) A study of services using large-scale house log in Smart city
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Keyword(1) Smart city
Keyword(2) house log
Keyword(3) Scallop4SC
Keyword(4) smart city configuration information
Keyword(5) API
1st Author's Name Shintaro YAMAMOTO
1st Author's Affiliation Kobe University()
2nd Author's Name Kouhei TAKAHASHI
2nd Author's Affiliation Kobe University
3rd Author's Name Akihiro OKUSHI
3rd Author's Affiliation Kobe University
4th Author's Name Shinsuke MATSUMOTO
4th Author's Affiliation Kobe University
5th Author's Name Masahide NAKAMURA
5th Author's Affiliation Kobe University
Date 2012-06-11
Paper # SC2012-4
Volume (vol) vol.112
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