Presentation 2012-05-29
An Imageing Device Control System
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Abstract(in English) The technological innovation of mobile devices allows people to take moving pictures easily, which are one of important applications for ubiquitous computing. Although mobile devices from the standpoint of physical aspect continue to grow, there are some problems for taking clear movies. One of the most typical problems is camera jiggle. However, No approaches are decisive in resolving the problem. Software processing does not meet the requirement of real-time computing. Some sensors help to shorten the computational time but its electricity consumption and size will increase. Thus, this paper proposes hardware direct computational approach for camera jiggle. The proposing system works meets real-time computation, VGA@30 fps. It can support movie correction when the speed of camera jiggle is less than 300 pixels per second. We discuss our ideas and show an experimental result in order to evaluate the performance of our solutions.
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Keyword(in English) image stabilization / image processing / real time processing / video / FPGA
Paper # RECONF2012-2
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Committee AI
Conference Date 2012/5/22(1days)
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Registration To Artificial Intelligence and Knowledge-Based Processing (AI)
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Title (in English) An Imageing Device Control System
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Keyword(1) image stabilization
Keyword(2) image processing
Keyword(3) real time processing
Keyword(4) video
Keyword(5) FPGA
1st Author's Name Toru YABUKI
1st Author's Affiliation University of Tsukuba()
2nd Author's Name Yoshiki YAMAGUCHI
2nd Author's Affiliation University of Tsukuba
3rd Author's Name Yuetsu KODAMA
3rd Author's Affiliation University of Tsukuba
Date 2012-05-29
Paper # RECONF2012-2
Volume (vol) vol.112
Number (no) 70
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