Presentation 2011-06-24
The Historical Process of Innovation of Text Styles in Ancient Greece
Masashi SARAKI,
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Abstract(in English) This paper remarks on the historical process of innovation of text styles and stereotype sentences in ancient Greece, based on literature documentation. Text is a complete language event, namely autonomy. It has arche(beginning), mede(middle) and telos(end), and this configuration means text totality. Text style has three moments of configuration, development and stereotype sentence. The illustration in ancient Greece is shown on Homer's epic poems, Iliad and Odyssey, both of which have prologue, narrative and epilogue. These epic poems have a lot of stereotype phrases and are composed of hexameter verses. The prosody-driven verse, which is the expression of ethnic pathos or passion, is given priority over semantic and syntax.
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Keyword(in English) text styles in ancient Greek / stereotypes of sentences / configuration / development and stereotype sentence / epic poem / prosody / hexameter verse
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Title (in English) The Historical Process of Innovation of Text Styles in Ancient Greece
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Keyword(1) text styles in ancient Greek
Keyword(2) stereotypes of sentences
Keyword(3) configuration
Keyword(4) development and stereotype sentence
Keyword(5) epic poem
Keyword(6) prosody
Keyword(7) hexameter verse
1st Author's Name Masashi SARAKI
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Date 2011-06-24
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