Presentation 2011-02-18
Implementation of precision clock synchronization system to IEEE802.11
Yuhichiroh Tada, Hiroshi Yamamoto, Masahiko Kaneko, Katsuyuki Yamazaki,
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Abstract(in English) In environmental measurement fields such as seismic observations, measuring environmental data with high precision clock is required. In the measurement field, a communication network is often con figured by wireless connections. In order to accurately synchronize clocks of the mobile terminals on the network, the previous study has developed Precision Time Protocol (PTP) of IEEE 1588 for IEEE802.11 wireless network, which has achieved lOus as accuracy. This precise clock synchronization is, however, supported only by Wi-Fi card and the clock is not provided to its host computers. If this precise clock can be used by any application on host PC, flexibility will significantly increase. Therefore, we study how applications of host PC obtain the precise clock information stored in the Wi-Fi card. In this paper, we implemented the PTP system and report the experiment result and the evaluation.
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Keyword(in English) Wireless LAN / Clock Synchronization / NTP / PTP / IEEE 1588 / PCI Bus
Paper # IA2010-75
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Conference Date 2011/2/11(1days)
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Title (in English) Implementation of precision clock synchronization system to IEEE802.11
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Keyword(1) Wireless LAN
Keyword(2) Clock Synchronization
Keyword(3) NTP
Keyword(4) PTP
Keyword(5) IEEE 1588
Keyword(6) PCI Bus
1st Author's Name Yuhichiroh Tada
1st Author's Affiliation Nagaoka University of Technology()
2nd Author's Name Hiroshi Yamamoto
2nd Author's Affiliation Nagaoka University of Technology
3rd Author's Name Masahiko Kaneko
3rd Author's Affiliation WiViCom Co., Ltd.
4th Author's Name Katsuyuki Yamazaki
4th Author's Affiliation Nagaoka University of Technology
Date 2011-02-18
Paper # IA2010-75
Volume (vol) vol.110
Number (no) 417
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#Pages 6
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