Presentation 2010-10-23
The Logic and Emotion in Natural Language : On their common root, and the emotion as an origin of concept
Kimiaki Tokumaru,
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Abstract(in English) The logic and emotion are originally an inseparable function of survival instinct of living creatures; the emotion developed as a pattern recognition between sensory inputs and genetic memories, and the logic as a trigger for an action resulted from a mathematical operation of input stimuli. Higher creatures became able to acquire and accumulate post-natal memories, and to establish memory system corresponding to the changing world. Since humans acquired a digital coding mechanism, "language", phenotypical linguistic expressions can substitute all of their sensory inputs, memories and behavioral decisions. As natural and artificial languages are both digital and therefore phenotypes, it is necessary to look into neutral structure of language processing unit in order to investigate the logic and emotion behind language. The author proposes 3 neural (physiological) models. Respecting logic as the function of survival instinct, these neural models correspond to 3 stages of evolution, a reflection model with consolidated logic/emotion and without intelligence (i.e. postnatal memorization), and adaptation model with separated logic and emotion and with intelligent memories, and a human linguistic information processing model with digital encoding/decoding. With such evolutionary perspective, language specific characteristics can easily be identified.
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Keyword(in English) phenotype/genotype / digital language / Boolean algebra / common root for logic and emotion / neural models / survival instinct / origin of concept
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Title (in English) The Logic and Emotion in Natural Language : On their common root, and the emotion as an origin of concept
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Keyword(1) phenotype/genotype
Keyword(2) digital language
Keyword(3) Boolean algebra
Keyword(4) common root for logic and emotion
Keyword(5) neural models
Keyword(6) survival instinct
Keyword(7) origin of concept
1st Author's Name Kimiaki Tokumaru
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Date 2010-10-23
Paper # TL2010-35,NLC2010-14
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