Presentation 2010/10/21
Analysis of Faceted-Reflector Antenna
Changsoo Kwak, Mansoek Uhm, Inbok Yom,
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Abstract(in English) Due to big demand for satellite and communication service using personal handheld terminals, demand for satellites with huge antennas is increasing correspondingly. While such large antennas are realized by various types of deployable antennas, the reflecting surface is made by many facets irrespective of deploying mechanisms. In order to analyze the faceted-reflector more accurately, an existing ray-tracing method is improved. The algorithm allows the rays to cross each other, which is the main characteristic of the faceted-reflector, and takes unevenness of amplitude and phase over the aperture plane into consideration. For the study of the effect of facet configuration, facet generating algorithm is devised. From the analysis algorithm and the facet-generating algorithm, it has been found that the number of facets in a radial direction affects both directivity and sidelobe level. On the other hand, the number of facets in a circumferential direction affects sidelobe level only.
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Keyword(in English) deployable antenna / faceted-reflector / ray-tracing / satellite communication
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Conference Date 2010/10/21(1days)
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Title (in English) Analysis of Faceted-Reflector Antenna
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Keyword(1) deployable antenna
Keyword(2) faceted-reflector
Keyword(3) ray-tracing
Keyword(4) satellite communication
1st Author's Name Changsoo Kwak
1st Author's Affiliation Electronics and Telecommunications Research Institute()
2nd Author's Name Mansoek Uhm
2nd Author's Affiliation Electronics and Telecommunications Research Institute
3rd Author's Name Inbok Yom
3rd Author's Affiliation Electronics and Telecommunications Research Institute
Date 2010/10/21
Paper # SAT2010-57
Volume (vol) vol.110
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