Presentation 2010-10-28
Optimum Amplifier Selection Method of Array Feed Element for Minimizing Power Consumption
Takayuki NAKANISHI, Kazunari KIHIRA, Tamotsu NISHINO, Yoshihiko KONISHI,
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Abstract(in English) In recent years, multibeam satellite systems with hundreds of spot beams have been developed and studied. A Multibeam satellite system realizes adaptive frequency allocation for efficient frequency reuse, and has the flexibility to control traffic in communication. When natural disasters happen, the communications traffics concentrate at the area because many people use cellular phones and access to the Internet. The corresponding beam to the area requires the highest output power operation in the emergency case. The amplifiers consist of the beam is operated at the required output power (ROP) in the emergency case. Generally, all amplifiers have the same maximum output power (MOP). However, not all the amplifiers require the same power as the MOP. The amplifier whose MOP is much higher than the ROP has low efficiency. In this paper, to minimize the power consumption of array-fed element, we propose the method how to select the MOP for each amplifier of antenna element of array antenna system.
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Keyword(in English) Multibeam Antenna / Array Feed Element / Amplifier / Power Consumption
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Title (in English) Optimum Amplifier Selection Method of Array Feed Element for Minimizing Power Consumption
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Keyword(1) Multibeam Antenna
Keyword(2) Array Feed Element
Keyword(3) Amplifier
Keyword(4) Power Consumption
1st Author's Name Takayuki NAKANISHI
1st Author's Affiliation Information Technology R&D Center, Mitsubishi Electric Corporation()
2nd Author's Name Kazunari KIHIRA
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3rd Author's Name Tamotsu NISHINO
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4th Author's Name Yoshihiko KONISHI
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Date 2010-10-28
Paper # SAT2010-50
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