Presentation 2010-08-06
Evaluation of Performance of Auditory Guide Signals with Walking Tests
Hiroshi SATO, Yusuke NAKAI, Masayuki MORIMOTO, Hayato SATO,
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Abstract(in Japanese) (See Japanese page)
Abstract(in English) Walking tests with normal persons and persons with visual impairment were performed to evaluate performance of the guide signal commonly used for mobility assistance in public spaces. The tests were performed in a reverberant and noisy gym. The parameters for experiments were directivity of loudspeakers, presentation level and direction of the guide signal. The effects of the parameters on success rates, waking tracks, and required time to reach the sound source were analyzed. For the wide-directional guide signal, guidances were succeeded in most cases. However, the walking tracks were tend to be circuitous. The narrow-directional guide signal could guide the participants straight to the destination. However, some participants strayed when they departed from the start-goal line.
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Keyword(in English) Walking Tests / Walking Tracks / Guide Signal / Visual impairment / Directivity of Loudspeaker
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Conference Date 2010/7/29(1days)
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Title (in English) Evaluation of Performance of Auditory Guide Signals with Walking Tests
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Keyword(1) Walking Tests
Keyword(2) Walking Tracks
Keyword(3) Guide Signal
Keyword(4) Visual impairment
Keyword(5) Directivity of Loudspeaker
1st Author's Name Hiroshi SATO
1st Author's Affiliation National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology()
2nd Author's Name Yusuke NAKAI
2nd Author's Affiliation Kobe University
3rd Author's Name Masayuki MORIMOTO
3rd Author's Affiliation Kobe University
4th Author's Name Hayato SATO
4th Author's Affiliation Kobe University
Date 2010-08-06
Paper # WIT2010-27
Volume (vol) vol.110
Number (no) 164
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