Presentation 2010-05-28
Japanese Toddlers Live in Rich Sound-Symbolic Worlds : A Picture Reading Study
Michiko MIYAZAKI, Hiroyuki OKADA, Etsuko HARYU, Mutsumi IMAI,
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Abstract(in Japanese) (See Japanese page)
Abstract(in English) The present study aimed to clarify how caretakers use mimetic words (Onopatopee) for referencing actions when talking to their children. For this purpose, we presented caretakers of toddlers with a series of pictures depicting scenes involving objects and actions, and have them describe the pictures both to their child and to an adult. The results revealed that high frequency of use of mimetic words in the child directed speech condition (CDS) contrast to in the adult directed speech condition (ADS). These findings suggest that Japanese mothers use mimetics more frequently when they describe actions to their children. The large quantity input of mimetics about actions possibly scaffolds young children's mapping of sound and action-meaning.
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Keyword(in English) Mimetics / Onomatope / Sound Symbolism / Adult Directed Speech (ADS) / Child Directed Speech (CDS)
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Title (in English) Japanese Toddlers Live in Rich Sound-Symbolic Worlds : A Picture Reading Study
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Keyword(1) Mimetics
Keyword(2) Onomatope
Keyword(3) Sound Symbolism
Keyword(4) Adult Directed Speech (ADS)
Keyword(5) Child Directed Speech (CDS)
1st Author's Name Michiko MIYAZAKI
1st Author's Affiliation Brain Science Institute, Tamagawa University()
2nd Author's Name Hiroyuki OKADA
2nd Author's Affiliation Brain Science Institute, Tamagawa University
3rd Author's Name Etsuko HARYU
3rd Author's Affiliation Graduate School of Education, the University of Tokyo
4th Author's Name Mutsumi IMAI
4th Author's Affiliation Department of Environmental Information, Keio University
Date 2010-05-28
Paper # TL2010-6
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Number (no) 63
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