Presentation 2010-05-28
Longitudinal Survey of Listening/Speaking Fluency of Students Entering a Japanese College
Yasunari HARADA, Masanori SUZUKI,
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Abstract(in English) As the Japanese society became more and more internationalized, need for spoken and written English proficiency is being recognized more acutely in the industry and in the school systems. National syllabus for junior and senior high schools set forth by the Japanese Ministry of Education has emphasized communicative approach since the 1990's and a listening test has been incorporated into the College Entrance Examination Center test, which a half million examinees take every January. On the other hand, college English teachers express that traditional translation / reading approach is still dominant in Japanese junior and senior high schools because of the entrance examination wash-back and as decrease in young population resulted in easier entrance examination selection, academic achievement of entering students in general are dropping every year. The authors have been surveying the spoken English proficiency levels of university freshmen at a private university at the time of entrance. In this presentation, we report on potential change in spoken English proficiency, in April of each year (2006 to 2009) using a standardized spoken English test called Versant English Test.
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Keyword(in English) fixed time point survey / university freshmen / English proficiency / spoken English test
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Title (in English) Longitudinal Survey of Listening/Speaking Fluency of Students Entering a Japanese College
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Keyword(1) fixed time point survey
Keyword(2) university freshmen
Keyword(3) English proficiency
Keyword(4) spoken English test
1st Author's Name Yasunari HARADA
1st Author's Affiliation Faculty of Law, Waseda University()
2nd Author's Name Masanori SUZUKI
2nd Author's Affiliation Pearson Knowledge Technologies
Date 2010-05-28
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