Presentation 2009-12-16
Beyond the Shannon limit by quantum stream cipher Y-00 and Holevo-Sohma-Hirota theorem : General proof
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Abstract(in English) One of important problems in cryptography is to prove the existence of a cipher which can break the Shannon limit. Yuen 2000 protocol so called Y-00 is an example of the ciphers which get out of the Shannon frame. Y-00 consists of Gauss private randomization and quantum measurement theory. There are two models to realize Y-00 scheme. One is that the legitimate user employs the quantum optimum receiver, and other is that he employs the conventional optical receiver. In the former case, the Shannon limit is broken by the basic protocol of Y-00, but in the latter case, one needs to employ another randomization. However, in any case, Y-00 can break the Shannon limit by making the difference of the signal detection ability between the legitimate user and attackers using the running key sequence from LFSR. In this paper, we give a general proof of the exsitence of beyond Shannon limit by a method of the quantum Shannon channel coding theorem.
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Keyword(in English) Random cipher / Y-00 / Quantum stream cipher / Channel coding theorem
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Conference Date 2009/12/9(1days)
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Title (in English) Beyond the Shannon limit by quantum stream cipher Y-00 and Holevo-Sohma-Hirota theorem : General proof
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Keyword(1) Random cipher
Keyword(2) Y-00
Keyword(3) Quantum stream cipher
Keyword(4) Channel coding theorem
1st Author's Name Osamu HIROTA
1st Author's Affiliation Research Institute of Tamagawa University()
Date 2009-12-16
Paper # ISEC2009-72
Volume (vol) vol.109
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