Presentation 2009-12-11
Transition and Trend of OS for Safety Control of Railway Signaling
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Abstract(in English) The single thread method OS is used for the software of a railway signaling failsafe computer system. It is because of RISK reduction of multitask OS. However, it was necessary to improve the function as CPU ability increased. OS that fills this purpose is hoped for. Moreover, there is phase-lag CPU method that has been used for the achievement of a simple function, too. It is hoped to make phase-lag CPU method a system with high productivity or more. It takes a general view of these approaches.
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Keyword(in English) Railway signaling / Fail safe / Functional safety / Single-thread
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Conference Date 2009/12/4(1days)
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Title (in English) Transition and Trend of OS for Safety Control of Railway Signaling
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Keyword(1) Railway signaling
Keyword(2) Fail safe
Keyword(3) Functional safety
Keyword(4) Single-thread
1st Author's Name Hideo NAKAMURA
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Date 2009-12-11
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